Instant Pain Relief

For over half a century, Dermoplast® has been the trusted pain reliever for physicians and moms alike – and for good reason. Our heritage Pain, Burn, and Itch Spray, affectionately known as the “Blue Can”, provides instant soothing relief from cuts, scrapes, sunburns, bites, and minor burns, even in the most tender areas.



When life happens, Dermoplast® is there for the whole family. Reach for our wide-ranging products to go from ouch to aaaaah in an instant.

Trusted by hospitals and moms for more than 50 years.

“What can I say? It takes away pain like magic.”

– Kanan, Dermoplast customer

“Every woman needs Pain & Itch Spray. It cools and numbs you / it works really well. New moms you will not regret this!”

– EMILY, Dermoplast customer

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